Annette Peacock – X-Dreams

01. My Mama Never Taught Me How To Cook
02. Real & Defined Androgens
03. Dear Bela
04. This Feel Within
05. Too Much In The Skies
06. Don’t Be Cruel
07. Questions

etymology gal

Underrated classic from a brilliant artist. A cross between Patti Smith and Lou Reed at their best. Mick Ronson (of David Bowie fame) plays guitar on this. Edgy, dangerous music, just the way it should be. A classic

Gary Ostreicher

She’s a tender trip to the land of xdreams. Maybe you can find that moment between breath and awareness by letting her fondle your hidden dreams


Annette Peacock’s song “Too Much in the Skies” is the coolest song ever, that never got famous.

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