Mahavishnu Orchestra – The Complete Columbia Albums Collection

CD 01 The Inner Mounting Flame
01. Meeting Of The Spirits
02. Dawn
03. The Noonward Race
04. A Lotus On Irish Streams
05. Vital Transformation
06. The Dance Of Maya
07. You Know, You Know
08. Awakening
09. The Noonward Race

CD 02 Birds Of Fire
01. Birds Of Fire
02. Miles Beyond
03. Celestial Terrestrial Commuters
04. Sapphire Bullets Of Pure Love
05. Thousand Island Park
06. Hope
07. One Word
08. Sanctuary
09. Open Country Joy
10. Resolution

CD 03 The Lost Trident Sessions
01. Dream
02. Trilogy
03. Sister Andrea
04. I Wonder
05. Steppings Tones
06. John’s Song #2

CD 04 Between Nothingness & Eternity
01. Trilogy
02. Sister Andrea
03. Dream

CD 05 Unreleased Tracks From Between Nothingness & Eternity
01. Hope
02. Awakening
03. You Know, You Know
04. One Word
05. Stepping Tones
06. Vital Transformation
07. The Dance Of Maya

Allen Montgomery

It was fantastic. Even had an authentic Rob signature on it.

Jungle King

Awesome collection. Great price. Must have for any Halford fan.

Peter P Grigalunas Jr.

LOVE IT. All Rob’s solo material in one box, beautifully packaged and really a steal considering it’s extremely reasonable price. Why wouldn’t you want this in your collection ? Truly a MUST HAVE for fans of Priest, Halford and metal BUY THIS ! I’d give it ten stars if I could but since I can’t FIVE STARS *****

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