01. This Is Your Chance to Make Things Right
02. Hunter Thompson Is Watching
03. The Everywhere Spirit
04. Flaw & Order
05. Another Race Record
06. Bobby Moons
07. I Create Your Own Future
08. Faux Humility
09. Bang Biscuit
10. A Quote Machine
11. The Police Are Looking for Bobby Moons
12. That DeeJay Chick Works at the Bank Now
13. And Now… We Stare and Nod
14. Roofing with Biblical Integrity
15. Dear Earthquakes, Come Home
16. Bobby Moons Goes to Jail
17. I Once Had Fun in Hollywood
18. On Occasion Caucasian
19. Nice Job!
20. An Undeniable Letting Go of Invaluable Necessities That in Which We Cannot Be Without
21. Did You See That Catch?
22. Faulty Filter
23. “Betty, Will You Cancel My 8 O’Clock?”
24. Ode to Bobby Moons
25. I Listen to Dan Patrick Everyday
26. Human Highlight Film
27. Cheer Up Beautiful People
28. I Don’t Care About the Money, It’s You I Want
29. My Blood
30. Cole Whittle

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