Sons of Champlin – Hip Li’l Dreams

01. For Joy
02. Dream On
03. I’m Not Your Lover
04. Swim
05. Hip Li’l Dreams
06. Soul Explosions
07. Bring Home The Gold
08. Maybe
09. Star Outa’ You
10. “74”
11. Light Up The Candles

A. Moore

Back in the day, the Sons were one of the legendary Bay Area rock hall bands. In my opinion, they never achieved the national fame they deserved. Maybe it’s because their vibrant high-energy sound never quite translated to their recorded material. They have perhaps overcome that gap with Hip Lil Dreams. Sons alumni Bill Champlin, Geoff Palmer, Dave Schallock, James Preston are joined by trumpeter Mic Gillette, new guitarist Tal Morris and Tom Saviano on sax. It’s clear that Bill’s 25 years with Chicago has affected his writing and producing, but so what? The Son’s charged mix of toe tappin’ rhythm, soaring organ, tight horns, driving guitar and energetic vocals is the stuff that matters. That’s all that ever mattered. The only difference now is that their craft has become much more polished, their soul more experienced and their recordings true to their sound.

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