Victor Wooten – What Did He Say?

01. Yo Victa
02. What Did He Say?
03. What You Won’t Do For Love
04. Cherokee
05. Don’t Wanna Cry
06. The Lonliest Monk
07. Chance, A
08. Radio W-OO-10
09. Norwegian Wood
10. Bro John
11. Naima
12. Sometimes I Laugh
13. My Life
14. The Sojourn Of Arjuna
15. Buzz Ntro
16. A Little Buzz
17. Kids Didn’t Change
18. Heaven Is Where The Heart Is


Oh, this album is just wonderful! There is so much variety in the songs, I NEVER grow tired of listening to it! There are incredible messages that enlighten, humor and the awesome playing that Victor does. Just the bestest!

Jacopo Pellicciotti

Album fantastico, mi è piaciuto dal primo al’ultimo pezzo. Rilassante e potente al tempo stesso, lo consiglio ai fan e soprattutto ai non fan, è buono per un primo approccio al jazz

Stanislas PAMELA

Buy that buy that!!!
Victor Wooten!!!!!

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