Vital Information – Where We Come From

01. Dr. Demento
02. Moby Dick
03. Craniac Trilogy – Part 1: Transport
04. Listen Up!
05. Swamp Stomp
06. Craniac Trilogy – Part 2: The Extraction
07. First Thing This Morning
08. Take Eight
09. Craniac Trilogy – Part 3: The Implant
10. Bob
11. Cranial Joy: Completion
12. Happy House
13. Cranial Meltdown: Dementia
14. Blow Fish Blues
15. Sitting Ducks
16. Once In A Lifetime
17. 008

Mark Wellman

I have listened to this many times. It is awesome(a word I do not use too often). Even my friends who don`t like instrumental music like this one. It is nostalgic without being corny because ALL the playing is excellent; the tunes are great too.

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