Weather Report – 8:30

CD 01
01. Black Market
02. Scarlet Woman
03. Teen Town
04. A Remark You Made
05. Slang
06. In a Silent Way

CD 02
01. Birdland
02. Thanks for the Memory (Tenor Sax Solo)
03. Badia/Boogie Woogie Waltz Medley
04. 8:30
05. Brown Street
06. The Orphan
07. Sightseeing


Great band and a great concert. I saw them that year at Berkeley Community Theatre. What a quartet! Jazz & Rock Fusion and the best example.
Zawinul, Shorter, Erskine and Pastorius. Incredible. Creative, musical, powerful. Check out youtube of Slang by Jaco. Revolutionary for the time. Good Times!

wayne hovden

best report you will ever get

R. Thacker

All good


I have worn out the vinyl so finally got the CD, brilliant stuff, truly BRILLIANT!

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