Weather Report – Mr. Gone

01. The Pursuit of the Woman With the Feathered Hat
02. River People
03. Young and Fine
04. The Elders
05. Mr. Gone
06. Punk Jazz
07. Pinocchio
08. And Then

Frankie Five Angels

Mr. Gone, was and is one of my favourite WR albums and after all these many years still listen to it and some parts of it transports me into the imaginary places that I built over the years listening to, perhaps the most psychedelic of Weather Report albums…and Jaco Pastorious is at his best.
A touch of nostalgia…

P. G. L. Gilmore

Weather Report at their height. So laid back they’re in the Challenger Deep.

Graham Long

I would recommend this to others, listened to the music years ago was very refreshing to hear it again today

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